What Motivates You in Life to Apply for This Role Examples

It is a good practice to review all common interview questions before attending for an interview. You will find a lot of sample interview questions. In this post, you will learn how to answer job interview question “What motivates you in life?” let us look into What Motivates You in Life to Apply for This Role Examples.

This is one of the most common and tricky job interview questions. Without preparation sometimes you will feel it is hard to answer. As we know there are many factors of motivation. These include your results, pay scale, making a difference, following interesting people, and prestige etc.

What Motivates You in Life to Apply for This Role Examples

Motivation is important for anyone to succeed in life. in any job interview, the interviewer wants to know the best moments in your life. one of the sample interview questions is “what motivates you?”

Sample Answers for What Motivates you in Life


I love preparing and giving presentations. Being in front of an audience and seeing then respond to my ideas is a real thrill and making that connection is inspiring and exciting.


Learning new things has always been a great motivation for me. I believe I have always been able to learn something new, or discover a new way to look at a problem.


I am directly motivated by seeing the results of my efforts translate into a physical object. I enjoy every aspect of product design.


I really like providing and mentoring my colleagues. I am always happy to help whenever they have questions or need a second opinion.


I am highly motivated by seeing happy customers. In my previous job, I really try to ensure that the customer was treated with respect and that they never felt pressured, which further motivated me to continue to focus on customer experience


I motivate by meeting set targets within deadlines. Alos, I can look back and say I achieved that. I am also motivated by visible results.


I have always been motivated by the desire to meet a deadline. I love scheduling and creating an organization for completing a task and achieving my deadlines.


In this post you can find the sample answers for job interview question “what motivates you in life?” some of the model answers are shown above. You can also find more answers by following this post regularly.

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