Different ways to earn money from internet for everybody

Hey, do you want to earn some extra money apart from your regular 9 to 5 job? Present all people are trying to make some extra money apart from their job.  Today in this article you will learn the different ways to earn money from the internet. Here some methods don’t need any investment and some methods need small investment. let us look at all the ways to start your online journey.

This is the best options for people like students, employees, business persons, and housewives to earn some extra money. As we know earning some extra money makes you happy and satisfies all your basic needs and financial commitments.

How to Earn Money Online without investment

You can many ways to earn money online, but always go for the genuine ways to make money. Be aware of online scams and stay away from the scams that you find on the internet. Here scam programs attract you with some initial investments and huge returns.

Let us look at some real and genuine ways to make money online without any investment. I’ve seen that many students are searching for earning money from part-time jobs, they want to make some extra money to fulfill their needs.

What are the different ways to earn money from the internet?

Here let dig into the various methods to earn some extra money to fulfill your basic needs and financial commitments.

  1. Article writing
  2. Make money from blogging
  3. Guest blog posting
  4. Blog commenting
  5. Affiliate marketing
  6. Webmaster broker
  7. Freelancing jobs
  8. Buying and selling domains or domain flipping
  9. Earning money by Selling photos online
  10. Creating a YouTube channel for making money
  11. Earning from online tutoring platforms like Tutorvista, Preply, Tutor etc.
  12. Earning from online surveys
  13. Make money from Fiverr
  14. Selling your designs
  15. Doing social media marketing for organizations or firms
  16. Creating and selling WordPress themes or websites
  17. Becoming an SEO consultant
  18. Earning by testing websites and applications or evaluating websites
  19. Becoming a virtual assistant
  20. Starting an e commerce business
  21. Earning through Amazon or Flipkart affiliate program
  22. Becoming an associate marketer
  23. Earning by developing Android apps
  24. Earning by online travel agent
  25. Publishing e-books and earn money from this
  26. Maintaining fan pages in social media
  27. Transcription services
  28. Serving as an online juror
  29. Fixing errors of other projects
  30. Offering customer services
  31. Make Money on Instagram from Home by Advertising
  32. Earning money from Bitcoins
  33. Online Surveys like Inboxdollars and Swagbucks that make money


Once it comes to earn money from the internet we have many options. Before starting your online journey make sure that you have passionate in that and then start working because without showing your interest you can lead your online journey. Here we come up with only a few ideas to make money online and we hope this article gave you some extra stuff to start your online journey. We always update our articles with latest and other ways of doing your smart work. Try to bookmark our page to follow all our future updated articles also don’t forget to share this to help your friends and colleagues.

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