Different Types of Interviews for All Job Aspirants

Here is the latest article to know the different types of interviews for all job aspirants.  When it comes to attending an interview, it can be in many forms. The interview may be expected like traditional, Telephonic, Skype interview and other forms. Let us see the different types of interviews for all job aspirants.

Types of Interview for Job Aspirants

Here are some basic interview types of all job aspirants. look into this before attending any job interviews.

1.Traditional Interview

Sample Interview Questions

The traditional interview is the most common interview for all job selections. This will be face to face conversation. Generally, you will sit in front of the interviewer as a solo interviewee. He will ask a series of questions to get the response from you.

In the traditional interview, you will face many common interview questions. Make sure that you have reviewed many sample interview questions and answers before attending it. reviewing sample interview questions can improve your chances of getting selected.

2.The Telephonic Interview

The telephonic interview is another popular interview types. This will be sometimes screening test to appear the second interview. Knowing telephone etiquette is the better way to get more chances for getting selected.

3.The puzzle interview

The puzzle interview is the great way to know your thinking ability. By giving certain puzzle tasks the interviewer can estimate how you can think about the current problem.

4.Skype interview

As technology improves video interview became more popular. You can attend for an interview through online video chatting using Skype. Make sure that you have the right internet connection with required speed. You will also need to have all the system requirements for attending Skype interview.

5.The group interview or panel interview

The group interview or panel interview may contain the group of interviewers. Generally, the group interview will be conducted for marketing, sales, and other positions.

6.Behavioral interview

The behavioral interview is the most widely used method of job interviewing.  By this method, the interviewer can able to know your past abilities. The interviewer can also estimate your future behavior through this behavioral interview.

7.The lunch interview

The lunch interview helps the interviewer to know your behavior outside the office. He can estimate other parts of your professional skills. You can show your personal behavior by attending the lunch or dinner interview.

8.Working interview

The working interview is somewhat interesting than other types of interviews.

In working interview, you will be asked to do a certain job. by observing your working they will estimate your skills and behavior.

9.Problem-solving interview

This is also known as the case interview. Generally, the interviewer gives you a problem to solve. Based on your approach they will estimate your skills, thinking ability, and other things.

10.Stress Interview

In stress interview, you will be having multiple tasks. The interviewer wontedly increases your stress level to know your stress management skills. This is the great interview types that we can see.


In this post, you learn the different types of the interview for all job aspirants. Doing research before attending any job interview can increase your chances of getting selected.

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