How to answer Tell me about yourself

Let us crack the most common interview question Tell me about yourself. This post is going to tell you how to answer tell me about yourself. We know that this is the most frequently asked question in a job interview.

Many interviewers prefer to ask this question apart from your resume. Remember friends don’t tell simply about the details, which are mentioned in your resume. Try to tell something that did not mention in your resume. The reason behind asking this question is the interviewer like to listen to the information directly from your mouth.

In this article, you can learn the best way to answer the question tell me about yourself in a job interview.

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How to Answer Tell Me about Yourself In a Job Interview

Always make sure that the self-introduction should be simple and smart. Don’t give too much information or too short. You should summary about your details and should be smart.

Before going to answer this question, think about the awards, achievements, qualifications, skills, and experiences that you had in your life so far. Also, think about which of these are the most important

The Sequence to follow in your Self Introduction

  1. Thanking the interviewer
  2. Name
  3. Place
  4. Educational details
  5. Work experience
  6. Strengths and weakness
  7. Family
  8. Hobbies
  9. Life’s goal
  10. Conclusion

Why does hiring manager ask this question? Sometimes they want to see your reaction. Good candidates always do some research and work on his/her resume and cover letter before attending the interview. They will also prefer to review hundreds of sample interview questions and answers before the interview.

Make sure to practice research on model interview questions and practice hundreds of interview questions. As mentioned above try to follow the correct sequence while telling yourself.

Step1: Thanking the interviewer

This is the first step in the introduction process. You can start your introduction by saying

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself OR

Thank you for shortlisting me for the personal interview round

Step2: Telling your Name

Whenever you want to say your name at the interview panel, tell them your full name. For example

I am Rave Varma

My name is Ravi Varma

Try to avoid myself  Ravi Varma, which is grammatically wrong

Step3: Place

Don’t tell simply about your village name. Try to add some interesting fact to it.

“I am from capital of Karnataka, Bangalore” OR

“I am from commercial city of India, Mumbai”

Step4: Educational Details

The next step is talking about your educational details.

The best way to tell your educational details is mentioning the last two degrees accomplished by you.

Mention your most completed degree at the end. For example, you have done simply under graduation, tell about your higher secondary and then under graduation details.

If you have a post-graduation, then tell them about your under graduation details and then your post graduation details.

“I have done my Intermediate in MPC from Siddharth Institutions, Bangalore

I completed my B.Tech in ECE from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Anantapur.”

Step5: Work Experience

When you start talking about your work experience, start with by telling how many years of experience you bring along with you. Mention the details of your first and most recent job role. See one example

I bring along a total of six years of extensive experience with me in the marketing sector. Where I started my journey with AVS constructions as a Sales Officer and in my last assignment I’d been associated with KVR Bricks as a marketing manager.

If you are a fresher, then simply tell about your academic project or industrial training program that you have underground.

Step6: Strength & Weakness

It is one of the most important aspects of a job interview as it provides you with the opportunity to explain to the interviewer that why you are the best-qualified candidate to this job.

The best thing is highlighting the most three key strengths based on your responsibilities in this job. So it is better to understand the roles and responsibilities of a job for giving the best three key strengths.

If you are applying for a marketing job then you can say

  • Good communicator
  • Self motivator
  • Positive attitude

If you are applying for Leadership role in any organization, then you could mention

  • Problem solver
  • Good team player
  • Goal oriented

Make sure that you have an answer ready for each strength you mention. If the interviewer asks then mention your case study and story related to your strength for a better impression.


The next thing is talking about your weakness. No one in this world is perfect. Sharing the weakness tells the interviewer that you are honest with them. Here the best trick is telling them that something that will not affect or harm your work in any way. Some of the examples are

I can’t say no to the people.

I believe that I am quite open and straightforward in my approach.

If the interviewer asks then make sure to explain how these affect and what efforts you have taken to overcome it.

Step7: Family

When you talk about your family first specify the number. Tell them about your parents and then your siblings. You need not mention their name but mention their profession or occupation.

My family consists of four members including me, my father is a farmer, mother is a homemaker, and my elder brother, who is working as a software engineer by profession.

In the case of your mother instead of a housewife, you can say homemaker for better sense.

Step8: Hobbies

Talking about your hobbies tells them your part time favorite activities. Some examples are

In my free time, I like to play chess

In my free time, I’d like to learn something from the internet

Step9: Life’s Goal

It is important to mention your goal in the self-introduction. Here mainly the goal is divided into two types’ short term and long term goal. People who have set their short term and long term goals are considered to be more futuristic and focused in their career.

My immediate goal is to get on to the managerial role within the five years of my working experience and my ultimate goal is to become a successful entrepreneur in a business.

Step10: Conclusion

The last and important step is concluding your introduction. Don’t end up without concluding. It is important to intimate and letting them know you have done the self-introduction. It helps them to proceed further interview process.

Well, that was a brief summary of my journey so far. However if would like to know any further details, I would be glad to share it.

Finally, I hope that this article gave you the best way to prepare and answer self-introduction. Finally make sure that whenever you say self-introduction, it should be at least 60 seconds and preferably 90 seconds. It should not be more than two minutes. Finally, if you want any further details, please share your comment below.

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