Self introduction for a job interview

Self-introduction is the act of introducing yourself. It is also defined as a formal personal presentation of one person to another person. Start your learning about Self introduction for a job interview as follows.

In every job interview, the questions start with introducing yourself. Today in this post you will learn, self-introduction definition, important points, sample examples and other things.

This is also one of the most popular and common interview questions in a job interview. Before attending for a job interview, you need to prepare and rehearse self introduction as many times as possible.

Self introduction for a job interview

Important Points in Self Introduction – Job Interview

  • Start your self-introduction with a smile on your face
  • The first point is your name (start with your name)
  • The second point is telling about your place
  • Next, tell about your recent or higher educational qualification details only
  • If you are fresher tell about your project details
  • If you are an experienced candidate tell about your experience details
  • Next share the skills that you are good at
  • You can share your family background in brief
  • Next share your hobbies or interests
  • Finally, you can conclude by Thanking the interviewer

These are the major points to remember at the time of a job interview.

Self Introduction Sample in a Job Interview

This question also sometimes know as Tell me about yourself.

Self Introduction Example1

Good Morning Sir/Madam

I am Rahul Kumar

I belong to Andhra Pradesh / I am from Andhra Pradesh

My higher educational qualification is, I am a Degree Graduate with Commerce background

I am carrying an experience of 5 Years on digital marketing

My Skills are, I am quite good at Digital marketing and Content writing

So for my family background is concerned, there are four members in my family, my parents, we are two siblings and I am the youngest one.

My hobbies are, I am fond of watching learning videos on Youtube and researching the trendy topics for my blog post.

That’s all about me sir

Thank you

Self Introduction Example2

Good Morning Sir/Madam


Goodmorning Sit/Madam

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself

Well, I am Murali Krishna and I am from Karnataka

My Higher education is, I have recently done my post graduation MCA from Karnataka University

I am quite good at C/C++ and JAVA

My hobbies are traveling, playing cricket and listening to music.

My short term goal is I want a platform to showcase my skills and grow my career. I am always enthusiastic to grow myself along with the organization.

My long-term goal is to be the CEO of big MNC.

That’s all about me sir. Thanks

Self Introduction Speech

Now let us look into self-introduction speech. It is an act of introducing yourself to a group of people. It is essential to give the self-introduction speech at seminars and presentations in business meetings.

You can get the first impression by giving the self-introduction speech when there are large people.

Your voice should be clear and loud while giving the self-introduction speech. It is necessary to following a few important points as follows.

  • Start with greetings to the audience
  • Tell your full name
  • You can tell your higher educational qualification
  • Your profession
  • If it is necessary you can tell your family details, hobbies, and other things.

Tips to Give an Effective My Self Introduction Speech

Follow some of the points before giving a speech for the effective impression.

  • Create an outline of your speech
  • Always make it simple and informative (the Short introduction is always preferable)
  • Rehearse as many times as possible for perfection
  • Make sure to reach the place before the exact time to avoid anxiety
  • Stay calm and relaxed before your presentation

Self Introduction in a College

While giving self-introduction in the college or in a classroom, it is like self-introduction speech. One example is as below.


Good morning friends

My name is Anil Varma and I was born and grew up in Hyderabad

I am studying first-year B.Sc computer science in this college

As for my family, I have one brother and sister and both are elder to me

My father is a lecturer and mother is a homemaker

My brother is a software engineer and sister got married

Some of my strengths are good thinker, flexible person, and work for longer hours.

I am interested in reading books, watching suspense thriller movies.

My goal is to become a CIVIL Servant in Indian Civil Services.

That’s all about me.


This post covers some major points to follow while giving self-introduction in a job interview and in a public speaking. Along with this, we covered sample answers also.

We hope this will be very useful for many job aspirants and professional candidates. We are always here to help the people for their better career options.

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