Phone Interview Tips For Job Aspirants

Telephonic interview is one of the most popular interviews for job selection. These are conducted over the phone. It is also considered as pre-screen candidates for the personal interview. Generally, the telephonic interview takes 10 to 15 minutes. Let us look into the detail description on Phone Interview Tips For Job Aspirants.

This Telephonic interview also needs your self-introduction which will be asked in a personal face to face interview. so be prepared with your answers to the interview question tell me about yourself.

Phone Interview Tips For Job Aspirants

Research before the Interview

Researching before the interview is one of the genius things. This will improve your chances of getting selected for a particular job. This also comes under your groundwork before an interview. Telephonic interview is also similar and just like face to face interview.

First of all, go to their official website and research about their company. You should focus on the company products, services, and their management history etc.

Improve your tone

Your tone is important while you are speaking. Especially in the time of a telephonic interview your tone also matters.

Improve your tone always. For this, you need to practice more frequent English words.

Rehearsing interview or any seminar topics also help you to improve your tone.

If you record your voice while rehearsing or practicing then there may be the chance to filter the mistakes.

Always use professional language. Do research on this and prepare well before attending an interview.

Your tone also depends on your mood. So try to be relaxed and smile for pleasant tone.

Prepare and be ready to answer some common job interview questions

Already we knew that there are some basic job interview questions in any interview. You should be ready to answer these questions.

Always rehearse these common job interview questions as many times as you can. Some of the common job interview questions are as follows

  • Introduce yourself
  • Why you want to join here
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Tell me your short term and long term goals

Try to give effective answers to the above job interview questions. You can only perform when you rehearse more times. This rehearses help you to get confidence and speaking skills.

Bonus Tip: while rehearsing record your voice and check it.


Here in this post, we come up with only a few tips to improve before attending any telephonic interview.

As we knew that nowadays before personal face to face interview, the interviewers choose this telephonic interview as pre-screening stage.

So be prepare for this and make impression on the telephonic round. We always looking for the best tips and tricks for easy job interview process.

If you have any queries you can use our comment from below. We always update our articles, so keep in touch with this


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