How to make money from GoDaddy affiliate program: 2017 Guide

Do you want to make money from affiliate marketing? You can check affiliate marketing simple guide here. Now it is time to know how to earn money from GoDaddy affiliate program. Godaddy is one of the popular internet based company that offers domain and web hosting services.

what is Godaddy affiliate marketing

GoDaddy affiliate marketing is nothing but promoting their products and services and earning commission from it.

Now coming to the affiliate program, Godaddy affiliate program is one of the best choices for all affiliate marketers because of its high paying commission rates. Today in this article you will learn how to start GoDaddy affiliate marketing and earning money from it.

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From GoDaddy official page we can see the message like promote GoDaddy affiliate products and make money when your visitors buy from it. They also offer a wide selection of banners to choose and which fits in any type of sites.

Present Godaddy is not maintaining its own managed affiliate program. Instead of its own managed affiliate program, we can look for other options called commission junction and Zenox affiliate network. Coming to the commission rates initially, it is offering up to 40% commission rates on all product sales.

It is very easy to start Godaddy affiliate program just by signing up either in commission junction or zenox affiliate network.

Let us see how to start Godaddy affiliate program using commission junction also known as

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Join GoDaddy affiliate program using commission junction

As already said you can select either commission junction or Lenox. So let us start with CJ. Click on join now to start GoDaddy affiliate using commission junction.

This sign up process is very easy, here you need to fill up a few details like the first name, last name, email, and address etc.

Once you have signed up and log in to the affiliate network CJ then you can see your dashboard as shown in the screen shot below.

Click on links to get affiliate links, here remember commission junction offers thousands of products to promote, so depending on your niche you can select any type of product using commission junction.

Now in this guide, we are going to discuss only GoDaddy affiliate program right so go to the search box left side after clicking links. Type GoDaddy in keywords field to select GoDaddy affiliate links. Here before selecting it, you can check their network earnings, 3 months EPC, sales and leads.

Here you need to apply for their affiliate program using apply for this affiliate network button then after getting confirmation mail to your email, you can start placing their affiliate links on your website.

For placing their affiliate links on your website just click on get links button on that particular affiliate network. Once you click on get links you can see different banner types and text ads to select and place. Finally, click on get code and place it on your site


I hope this article gave you a better understanding of GoDaddy affiliate marketing program and start making money from GoDaddy. Let me know how many of you started your Godaddy affiliate program with your comments below and don’t forget to share this article on social media to help your friends and colleagues and let them earn money from Godaddy affiliate program.

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