Simple Tips to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Better and Smarter

LinkedIn is a professional social networking site. It helps students, employees and business persons to increase opportunities in a professional way.  LinkedIn profile tips can help you to increase your professional network and get support and build a relationship with others.

If you want to grow your professional brand or your company then you need to make a better LinkedIn profile. A strong LinkedIn profile can build many opportunities in your career or business leads. In this article, you can learn how to make a better LinkedIn profile and also LinkedIn profile tips to boost your opportunities.

How to make a better LinkedIn profile

It is very easy to prepare a strong LinkedIn profile with some simple strategies. Make sure that your LinkedIn profile contains your photo, education, position and your industry. Always try to update your skills to grow your professional life.

Updating LinkedIn Profile

Your profile helps to connect with many other people in your network. Remember LinkedIn is also one type of online resume. So keep on updating your LinkedIn profile is healthy for your professional life.

Make sure that your LinkedIn profile contains your complete details. The first thing is your photo. Your profile photo helps your friends and colleagues recognize and connect.

Prepare Your LinkedIn Profile Summary

You can market yourself through this LinkedIn summary. Marketing is necessary in every field. During the interview you need to market yourself to get a job. Similarly marketing decides sales while promoting any product of that company.

LinkedIn summary section helps you to highlight yourself. Make a strong and effective LinkedIn profile summary section to increase your professional opportunities.

As we know your summary should contain your professional experience, professional skills, and other skills. It may also contain your education project details in brief.

Photos of LinkedIn Profile that matters

Make sure that you are using only professional photos. As we know LinkedIn is a professional networking site, you should always prefer to use professional photos only. Then only it is possible to attract more professional in your network.

There are some simple tips like you can brand your LinkedIn profile with your background image. It allows setting background image in various formats like JPG, PNG, JPEG, and so on.

Your profile photo, background photo and the photos you are sharing should be professional. Use latest photos and don’t prefer old photos. You can also use photos from social networking sites like facebook, twitter, Instagram, and so on.

Additional Information of LinkedIn profile

Always prefer to add additional information to your LinkedIn profile. You can add your professional networks like your email, facebook url, Twiiter, blog or website urls and also your company links.


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