10 best free websites to learn computer coding online for students

The Internet is a great platform which consists of millions of websites. Students can utilize these websites to improve knowledge and skills. You can learn to code online for free. The Internet provides many sources to learn to code for free. In this post, you will see 10 best free websites to learn computer coding online for students.

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Top 10 free websites to learn computer coding online for students

Here are the best 10 free websites to learn computer coding online for beginners. beginners can become professionals by following this website. Let us follow the popular learning sites for computer coding as follows. may people are searching on internet using how to code for beginners, these platforms are best for them.

1. Codecademy

It is an online freemium interactive platform. Codecademy offers free computer coding classes in 12 different programming languages.

Codecademy is one of the popular websites on the internet. You can learn to code easily on this website. This is the perfect place for many people who want to learn to code. You can learn to code on any topic that you wish.

It also allows you to discuss on its forum to improve your knowledge and help others. In addition to this, you can utilize their blog posts and articles to learn more.

2. FreeCodeCamp

It is the best website to get real-time projects to work on. Free Code Camp is an open source platform. You can see many coding challenges here. It is a free learn to code website that also offers certificates.

freeCodeCamp is an online non-profit organization to learn computer coding online. This website allows you to learn powerful skills like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Databases, and GitHub etc.

The slogan of this website is Learn to Code and help Nonprofits. you will get a better experience while working on these projects.

3. Codewars

This is another popular learn to code website is CodeWars. Here you will experience most complex coding challenges. You can utilize their community to get help from others. In addition to this you can create your own coding challenge for others to solve.

On this website you can improve your skills by training with others on real code challenges. On this community create code challenges called Kata. You can strengthen your skills by challenging katas.

Codewars allow you to code right in the browser and train on katas. You can use test cases and check your progress. Based on your performance you are ranked. If your kata rank is high then you will undergo with relevant challenges.

4. The Odin Project

Are you looking for best sites to learn web development? The answer is The Odin Project. It is the best website to learn to code for web development. Here you can learn topics like web development, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, JQuery, and etc.

Your career in web development starts here. You can use their online tutorials, blogs and courses to improve your knowledge. Here you can get help from many beginners and developers in their community.

5. HackerRank

HackerRank is the best platform to update coding skills. Millions of coders are using this website to improve their coding knowledge. You can experience real time projects to work on. This is the website where you can learn by doing activities.

It is a technology website that focuses computer programming.  Over 3 million people are using this website to learn computer coding.  You can practice coding, compete and find jobs on this website.

This website helps both consumers and companies with their coding solutions. Based on your performance you will be ranked on HackerRank leader board.

6. CodeFights

This is the website where you can fight with coding problems. This is similar to other popular coding websites. CodeFights allows you to fight with strangers and friends with coding problems.  Apart  from other coding sites this gives you fun while learning.

CodeFights is the most fun way to practice your programming skills. You can master in new languages and prepare for interviews on this website. Always true practice high targeted, repeatable and fun.

It is an American technology company. Here you can experience game mechanics to computer programming challenges.

7. edX

edX is one of the leading and popular coding site on the internet. It is an open source community where you will find wide ranges of courses. Most of the courses on this site are free. However, you need to pay for verified certificate courses.

edX allows you to advance your careers and improve your life. Popular subjects that edX offer are computer science, data statistics, language, engineering, humanities, and many more.

It is an open source online course provider. It provides wide ranges of courses to the worldwide student body. Many courses are at no cost but they will charge for certificate programs.

8. Upskills

Upskills is best for beginners and fresher candidates to learn computer coding. You need not be experienced person to enter into this website. Anyone with minimum to zero knowledge can learn to code on this site. It allows you to learn topics like HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap etc.

Upskills add new content monthly. You can see latest technologies like WordPress,  plugin development, HTML5, CSS3, PHP and etc.

You can engage in video episodes to understand better. They provide 100% project-based training. However, writing many lines of real code is one of the best ways to learn.

9. Khan Academy

Apart from many other coding sites, Khan Academy is different. This website not only gives coding knowledge but also other topics like maths, science, and music etc. Khan Academy is useful for both fresher candidates and experienced professionals.

You can learn anything on this website. This website is for all like beginners, learners, teachers and parents.  The goal of this website is to create set of online tools that help educate students.

This website produces short lectures in the form of YouTube videos.  It is a non-profit organization created in 2006.

10. Coursera

The last but not least is Coursera. This is another wonderful online website to learn to code. Here you will be taught by real professionals. In addition to this, you will experience quizzes and projects to improve your knowledge.

Similar to edX it also provides many free online courses. But you need to pay for the verified certificate of online courses. You can become expert in any one area by following this website.

This website allows you to take the world’s best courses online. Even you can earn your master degree online on this website. popular specializations that course offers are deep learning, python, data science, statistics with R, and many more.

In addition to this, there are many popular courses that you can learn on this website. some of the popular courses are machine learning, neural networks, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency, and many more.


Finally, we can conclude that Internet is the best platform to learn computer coding online. Use the above-mentioned websites to learn to code and becoming an expert. You can choose any one topic and become professional in that. After this, you may get the job on the topic that you learn already.

Remember this list to learn to code for free online. The list of 10 free websites to learn to the code are as follows.

  1. Codecademy
  2. Freecodecamp
  3. Codewars
  4. The Odin project
  5. HackerRank
  6. Cody fights
  7. edX
  8. Upskills
  9. Khan Academy
  10. Coursera

Follow these websites to learn to code effectively. Share this article on top social media website and help other. Give your open ion and let us know which website you are following to learn to code. You can use comment-form below to give your responses.



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