Quick Guide:How to market on Twitter Effectively

are you ready to know how to market on Twitter? Twitter is a great social media networking site to make your posts go viral.

Twitter is another famous social networking service and also used for online news. Using this social media platform, many users can post and interact with their messages. Only registered candidates of Twitter can post messages or tweets but it is restricted to post 140 characters.

It was founded on 21st March 2006 in San Francisco, California, the United States and Jack Dorsey is the CEO. It has nearly 300 million active monthly users, so you can boost your brand using this great social media platform.

In this article, you will learn how to maintain a Twitter profile and run a successful Twitter marketing strategy.

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How to market on Twitter

You need to create a Twitter profile to implement your marketing strategy.  Learn how to approach customers in Twitter. Here you need to implement different strategy compared to your Facebook marketing.

Some important points to follow while implementing your Twitter marketing

  • Describe yourself effectively
  • Engaging with the customers
  • Implementing promotional activities
  • Customer interactions
  • Regular tweets
  • Branding

Presenting your brand

Tell about your business to the Twitter community. The simple and smart profile could be an effective way of promoting your branding. Use same profile Picture and description in all online platforms. This helps people to build trust on you. You can use your business or organization logo for a profile photo.

Complete all your profile data

It is important that you need to complete all data in your profile fields. Mention more details about your business using all fields or sections in your profile area. This may include your name, bio information, location, and website etc.


Find out influencers and start following them

After creating your Twitter account and filling profile data, you need to get all your friends and colleagues. Following your colleagues and friends can improve your branding internally and build your Twitter community.

Next step is to find out the experts and influencers that whom you follow. When you click the follow button then you are subscribed to read their new shares. So before following them, make sure to read their profile data and decide by following them can improve your marketing strategies or even get latest updates to influence you.

Some suggestion on whom to follow

  • Your customers
  • Competitors of your business
  • Like-minded people
  • Your business partners
  • Great influencers in your business area
  • Neighborhood businesses

Engaging with your customers

Engaging with your customers is an important task that you should follow to improve your brand and build trust.

Spend some time to listen to others and talk to them through messages. By replying to their messages connect yourself online presence and make your profile healthier.

A few important points to remember

  • Complete your Twitter profile
  • Tweet on a regular basis
  • Share quality and valuable content
  • follow the influencers or connect with right people
  • make sure to use a hashtag (#) when posting a tweet


We hope this simple article covers the best ways to promote your business on Twitter. We will come up with latest updates on how to boost your marketing through various strategies. Tray to bookmark our website URL and keep in touch to become smarter in your area. Please use the comment box below to post your valuable comments.


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