How to Manage Finances with Budgeting Tools

Managing your money can be quite a difficult process especially if you are not using the right tools. Thankfully, there are now different applications available that can help ease the often-complicated process of tracking your cash flow and organizing your finances. Here are some of them

How to Manage Finances with Budgeting Tools

Simple Daily Budget

Packed with all the important basic features, this budgeting app features a no-frills and straightforward interface. Use this to app to track your expenses and monitor your daily budget.


This online service gives you a clear idea of your current financial situation. You can use it to track your credit score and set a pragmatic debt payment plan. The website provides helpful tools and calculators, and conveniently links all transactions to your bank accounts.


This free online tool lets you see where your hard-earned money goes. It provides trackers for creating and dividing shared budgets, and includes a variety of helpful tools for small business accounting. If you own a home business, you can use this app to track significant income and expenses.

Overall, Moneytrackin’ is a great tool that allows you to efficiently manage multiple aspects of your personal and small business finances.


Fudget is a simple money management app that uses a straightforward list interface. There are no complicated categories to manage or charts to interpret in this app, as its key feature is its simple and user-friendly design.

This app allows you to create lists of your cash flow and provides a choice of currency and an option to choose the timetable for your budget.

Expense Manager

This free app is a quick and easy way to manage your spending. It immediately displays your monthly expenses divided into different categories allowing you to have a better grasp of where your money is going.

Further, the app alerts you when you forget to log your daily expenses and notifies you as well if you are on track with your budget.

My Spending Plan

This online budget keeping application helps you put together a realistic budget that you can easily stick to. Use this app to create a plan that will help you achieve both short-term and long-term financial goals.

My Spending Plan makes use of an envelope system in planning your budget, and can be used to monitor your bills and keep track of significant expenses.

Personal Capital

This financial and wealth management software helps you track your investments and gives you a big picture of your financial situation. It also offers insightful investment advice and assistance in managing your investments for a small fee.

Personal Capital comes in handy especially if you want to track your investment portfolio while monitoring your income and expenses.

With these various financial management tools and applications, staying on track with your financial goals is made easier. Have you used any of these budget keeping apps?

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