How to Make Money on Instagram from Home by Advertising

Instagram is a popular social networking app for sharing photos and videos from a smartphone. The interesting thing is we can make money from this app. In this post, you will learn how to make money on Instagram from home. Instagram allows you to earn money by sharing snaps every day.

How to Make Money on Instagram from Home by Advertising

You can earn money online from Instagram. Instagram is a social networking app that allows you to find more customers. As we know online is the best way to reach more customers. Simply by sitting at your home, you can reach more customers to your business.

You need to get more followers to make more money. Always go for genuine followers because fake followers will not help you to make money. You can increase your reach and followers by engaging regularly.

Making money on Instagram depends on your Niche, followers and your commitment. We have many different ways to earn money on Instagram. So let us start knowing the different ways to make money online from Instagram.

Different Ways to Make Money Online From Instagram

On the internet, you will find many online earning methods. But always go for genuine and legal ways to make money online. Before starting any work online do more research on it. Try to read reviews and success stories about it. Here are the best ways to make money online on Instagram.  Let us follow the different ways as follows.

Earning through affiliate products

While discussing online earning methods affiliate marketing is one of the best methods.  Affiliate marketing is the promotion of other products through a unique link. You will get a unique link or promo code for each affiliate product.

We have many popular affiliate programs. So sign up for the popular affiliate programs like Clickbank,  Share ASale, CJ Affiliate, Amazon Affiliate Program etc.

After signing up for these programs you will get the product to promote. Always remember all social media channels are best platforms to market products. Social media platforms allow us marketing our products digitally. For this, we can use content, links, text, photos, and videos.

Instagram is the best option for promoting product photos and videos.  Based on the product you will earn commission after each sale. Many people are earning thousands of dollars through affiliate marketing

Become an Influencer

Are you a great Influencer? Becoming an Influencer is another great way to earn money online. Influencers generally give great awareness to the audience.

If you become more popular then you will get more followers.  You can promote products to your followers. Partnering with other brands and promoting them will get you some money.

Select the best niche because your followers will respect your decision. Before promoting products or services do research and select best products to promote.

Sell your Photos

As we know Instagram is a photo-sharing app. Photos are the better way to promote your products and services. People will get more attraction by seeing the snaps you share.

It is the best option for photographers to sell their photos.  You can sell the photos of a physical products or snaps of different categories.

Many people are more money through this photo selling the business. We have many websites to sell the snaps. Through Instagram, you can focus on smartphone users. Not only photos you can sell your graphics if you are a designer.

Promote Your Business

If you are running an online business then you can promote on Instagram. Making money on Instagram is one of the social media marketing strategies.

Even if you run an e-commerce business you need to do social media marketing. To promote your product photos and images and get customers from there.

Sell your Instagram account

You can sell your Instagram account if it is getting more reach. If you have more followers then there may be demand for your Instagram account. If you build a large number of followers then you can earn money by selling your account.

There are some marketplaces where you can sell your Instagram account. You can only earn money on Instagram when it is a large follower based account.


Finally, we can conclude that Instagram is a fast growing social media app. For every digital marketer, it is the best option to market their products. Even you can make money on Instagram for your Home.

The above methods are simple and best ways to make money on Instagram. In brief, we conclude all the above methods as follows

You can make money online from Instagram at your home by following methods

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Become an Influencer
  3. Selling photos or designs or Graphics
  4. Promote your Business
  5. Sell your Instagram account

We also update our article with latest ways. Learning is the ongoing process and everyone should keep on updating themselves. So keep in touch with this blog and also our social media channel. Like our facebook page, follow on twitter and other social sites.


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