How to do blog commenting for getting more backlinks and traffic

As we know increasing traffic is the challenging task for every digital marketer. When it comes to increasing traffic to your website we need to think about backlinks. Backlinks play an important role to increase the ranking of your site. Let us look on how to do blog commenting for getting more backlinks and traffic.

Backlinks are the external links pointing your site from another useful site. Here links pointing back to your site from other sites so called backlinks.

When it comes to blog commenting that is an easiest and effective way of getting backlinks to your site. More backlinks increase your Page Rank (PR) and Domain Authority (DA) as well.

Steps to follow for blog commenting

Here we come up with simple steps to follow for blog commenting to improve your backlinks and traffic.

  • Choosing the blogs to comment on
  • Finding the right post
  • Becoming a regular commenter

Before leaving a comment on each blog, select the right blogs to comment on. So it is always recommended to check the following factors before commenting for SEO.

Blogs with good Google page rank is the best choice to leave your comment. Also, select the blogs in your industry. Use Google search engine to find do follow blogs and high page rank blogs to comment on.

DropMyLink is one ultimate free service to find right blogs to comment on that is .edu blogs, .gov blogs and more. Use this service just by typing the keyword and selecting the blog type then this service just works like google and produces results with right blogs. You can use these blogs to start your blog commenting strategy.

Finding the right post to leave a comment

After entering into the blog, find out the most popular or most commented post to leave a comment. Once you’ve found the blog post to leave a comment to go ahead and comment on that particular blog post. Research says commenting on fresh blog posts helps you to get more engagements and more traffic.

Becoming a regular commenter

Now you learned how to start a blog commenting with two simple steps. They are selecting the right blogs and finding the right posts. Now you should become a regular commenter to get more backlinks to your site.

Remember we are not building backlinks with spam commenting, So always get in touch with the community to leave your fresh comments. Use gravatar and your profile photo to increase your brand and adds value to your comments.


Blog commenting is essential for every blogger to get their blogs noticed. It is an effective way to grow your network and brand. With the right strategy, you will get more backlinks and traffic to your site. Do comment below with let me know the suggestions.

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