How to Earn Money Online Through Whatsapp Advertising

As we know Whatsapp is the great online platform to maintain your relationship with others. Are you ready to know the Whatsapp Tricks? Today we will see how to earn money using Whatsapp Advertising.

According to the research, many people are searching for online earning methods. There are many advantages if you select online earning method like you can set the working timings, freedom from work pressure etc.

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Today we will learn how to earn money by using Whatsapp. Officially Whatsapp does not allow any ads on it. But there are many ways to earn by using this amazing app.

How to make money using Whatsapp

In this article, you will learn different ways to make money using Whatsapp. Let us follow the below methods to start earning money online using Whatsapp.

Marketing your Business

You can market your business using Whatsapp. This is an amazing platform that you can get customers by offering your services directly. You can offer your products, services directly to your customers.

You can turn your Whatsapp contacts into your real-time customers. WhatsApp allows you to share description, images, videos, and links.

If you are running a website means you can get more views just by sharing your website links on Whatsapp.

Whatsapp group allows you to get new contacts or customers to your business. You can utilize Whatsapp video call to express your business or products and services.

If you share some useful information or knowledge then there will be more chances to get customers attention.

You can encourage more people to join on Whatsapp groups by sharing knowledge and information that they are waiting for.

It is also become popular because of its live customer support feature. You can handle different questions asked by customers and talk with person to person.

Working for other companies

Using Whatsapp you can work for other companies who want to promote their business. New startups give rewards to individuals who refer new customers.

You can advertise other company’s products and services by sharing their links, images, and videos. It is preferable to promote small business services like restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, home services and so on.

You can share sponsored links of other website or business on your Whatsapp groups. Whenever they click on those links you will get a small amount of money.

Don’t share only links which lead to link spamming. Try to post description, knowledge and information, images and videos.

Increase your Whatsapp contacts

If you want to use Whatsapp to promote your business or other’s then you have to improve your reach. The best way is converting your personal contacts to Whatsapp contacts.

Encourage others to use Whatsapp who are not aware of it. Try to add all your contacts to your Whatsapp group. Ask your friends to add you on relevant Whatsapp groups that they know.

If you don’t have a Whatsapp group means to create one to concentrate people specifically. Here you can maintain your contacts of same interests and likes.

Always remember your Whatsapp group should help the people. This group should be made to solve their problems with your answers.

Try to concentrate to post the information that actually they are looking for.

Earning from

This is the easiest and smartest way to earn some extra income from your traffic. Here you can get shorten url of your website url.

Whenever the user visits your website and clicks on this shorten url, they will see ads on the intermediate page and you will earn money.

Shorten turns your links into earning ones by adding an Ad layer. Your visitors will see some intermediate ads before reaching a destination page. That means you are promoting some intermediate ads through this links and you will make money.

From official website of, it is almost 300000 earning users from this. This is the better opportunity for website and blog owners, social media and community members and online marketers and affiliates.


Whatsapp is not only an amazing app that allows online chatting, it is also an amazing platform to do online marketing.

in this article, we covered some ways to start promoting on WhatsApp and earn some extra money from it. we always update our articles with new tactics. keep in touch with our articles by bookmarking this site.

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