How to earn money from Amazon Affiliate Program

When it comes online money earning methods, there are many ways. Apart from all online money earning methods affiliate marketing is the great and best way to make money online. Today we will learn how to earn money online from Amazon affiliate program. Don’t you know what Affiliate marketing is? Then it is recommended to learn affiliate marketing.

Always go for genuine and real ways to make money online. As we know Amazon is the most popular e commerce site in the world. It is also biggest online market place in the world.

Amazon affiliate program gives you more money compared to other market places. It is the best option for bloggers and digital marketers to earn money online.

Here you can get up to 12% commission on product sales. Depending on product selection you can get a commission. There are various commission rates, which you can find on their official site.

How to start Amazon Affiliate Program

To start Amazon affiliate program you need to follow some steps.

Joining on Amazon Affiliate program

If you want to start Amazon affiliate program, you need to sign up for their program. It is easy and free to join in their program. Just by entering a few details like name and address, email and phone number etc, you can sign up with them.

You need to enter correct details, like your name and address. It may ask some other details like your bank and pan etc. make sure to enter all details are correct. They will transfer amount to your bank after reaching your threshold.

Start Advertising Amazon Products

Once you have registered with their affiliate programs then start advertising. When you get approval from them, then it is easy to advertise their products.

There are millions of products to advertise to your customers. You can find affiliate links for any product that available on Amazon.

It is more convenient and easy for Large network site owners, bloggers, social media marketers and digital marketers.

Apart from this, they’ll provide ultimate tools to monitor your results and clicks etc.

Selecting a Niche Website

The website is the great platform to promote your products online. When you start a website or blog niche selection plays a crucial part.  A niche website is focusing one community or people of same interests.

Suppose your niche is about smart phones and laptops, then you can focus on it. You can start writing an article related to smart phone and laptops.

Write reviews on smart phones and placing Amazon affiliate links in your article. This makes you money if anyone buys using those links.

Earn Money from Amazon Affiliate Program

Here you can only earn money once your products are purchased by someone. You cannot get money for all products that you advertise. Only for qualifying purchases, you can earn advertising fee.

From their official site, we can see that they are offering competitive conversion rates to earn more. You can promote your products for all countries.

For promoting and earning from all countries you need to sign up separately on their pages.


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In this guide, we come up with Amazon Affiliate program and how to make money from it. Start your Amazon affiliate program right now. Let us know your feedback and comments from a comment from below. Also, make sure to share this article on top social media sites and help others.

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