Do’s and Don’ts of Role Play in Student life

Let us know what is Role play? First, every person in the world plays different role in their life for example our life cycle roles are like child, student, employee, old fellow etc. Similarly if you are studying then you are a student in the college. In college life itself we should know Do’s and Don’ts of Role Play in Student life. When you come home, you become a child to your parents, and brother or sister to your siblings. When you go back to your college again then you will become again a student, and a friend to your classmate. In this way you can play different roles in your life and each time you act and speak differently. While you are playing different roles in your life, you are using different language functions like greetings, asking information, giving information, making requests etc.

In student life every one should improve the Role play skills, let us continue the reading to know benefits and Do’s and Don’ts of a Role Play.

Advantages of Role Play

  • Role play improves your communication skills.
  • It improves your soft skills like thinking skills, interpersonal skills, decision making skills.
  • You can also improve your understanding ability and expressing your feelings and attitude.

Role Play in Student Life?

In student life it is necessary to improve your Role play skills. When you practice Role play you can achieve the above benefits, also before practicing think how that person think and act in that role. How that person reacts to the problems and how would solve them.

Do’s and Don’ts of Role Play


  • Listen carefully what other are speaking
  • Think and follow the conversation
  • Try to encourage the other speaker
  • Try to catch the clue words and respond


  • Interrupting other’s conversation
  • Asking irrelevant questions, which do not promote conversation
  • Do not show negative body language
  • Do not discourage others


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