Common Interview Questions By Many Industries

common interview questions by many industries help the students to become smart and grow before attempting any interview. It is mandatory to prepare or see the model interview questions before attending thee interview.

The list of interview questions are as follows

1. Tell me about yourself?

This question is considered as a common question asked by many industries. Here so many people face this question while attending an interview. students should know how to answer for Tell me about yourself? in a smart way. As we know it is a simple question but it plays an important role in interviews. here we have one example like

2. Why should i select you?

In most of the interviews the interviewer asks this question, because they want to know your skills and specialties and abilities. After hiring you he should feel smart and his work should be easier. In this case you should highlight your best qualities why they want to hire you. You can explain your technical skills, expertise, soft skills, awards, training etc.

3. How did you know about this vacancy?

There can be many reasons why this question is asked by many interviewers. They are willing to know who the referral is? and sometimes they should know how you gathered information and many more. Even for listening it is simple but be careful while answering. In most of the cases you should be honest for answering this question.

4. What do you know about the company?

This question is asked by many companies in order to know how much research work you have done about the company. It is mandatory to learn about the company before attending an interview. You can do research about the company using internet or online. Do have any connection in that particular company? then collect the reviews from them or check the reviews of employees from the website of that particular company. Also check their social media pages like Facebook, twitter, google+, LinkedIn and so on. Finally summarize the information collected using bullet points and observe before attending interview.

5. What are your strengths?

The interviewer asks this question to know, how you will perform in the position of their company. By knowing your strengths they will also estimate how you will be useful for needs of their company.

you  should prepare this question before attending an interview. whatever the question it is, after answering the interviewer should feel that you are the right person for that particular position.

For answering this question, observe the qualities and capabilities. tell by keeping your achievements, talents, focus and expertise in mind. You can also view the examples of strengths and weaknesses on the Internet.

6. What is your greatest weakness?

most of the people struggling to answer this question. Ofcourse it is difficult to answer this question but with small genius tactic, we can answer what is your greatest weakness?

Don’t lie, before answering concentrate on which you are not strong and show how you have taken right steps to overcome it.

Tell your weakness and tell immediately the steps to overcome it. The interviewer come to know how you will take steps to  overcome the problems.

7. Where do you want to see yourself after 5 years?

This question is asked by many interviewers to know your thoughts and to enter your inside and to estimate your thinking ability and whether you are suitable for their job in long term or not. To answer this question you can share your short term and long term goals.



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