Best tips to improve your fluency in English

Are you looking for shortcut to improve your fluency?

Do you want to speak perfect English? then read our article to know the Best learning tips.

Learning English language is important, because it is the official language in many countries. It is also known as the most common foreign language.  In education students learnt English as a second language. Improve your fluency in English by following the below tips.

English is taught as a subject in the field of education. Generally students learnt English as a second language in their education.

Do you know the basics of English language? Can you speak in English? Then it is time to know How to improve your Fluency?

Generally learning any language is quite interesting and challenging task. If you put your proper attention and dedication then you can improve your fluency.

Fluency is not about how fast you are speaking or how many words you are using in a second. It like how clearly you are speaking. Fluency is also how smoothly you are speaking.

After knowing all the basics and grammar topics, you can improve your fluency with some tactics. Here you can learn the best tips to improve your fluency in English.

After reading this article you should implement these in your real life. If you follow these tips then you can improve your fluency level better.


The three most standard activities are like reading, listening and speaking more in English. You should follow these activities to better your fluency.

Reading more makes your brain to work out differently. Instead of watching TV and listening radio read more to exercise your brain smartly.

Reading can encourage your life goals and brighten your day as well. More reading helps to gain more knowledge. So you can improve your thinking skills and take smart decision.

Reading is the best method for self educating yourself. While reading you will come across different word terminology and you can focus different vocabulary.

Read more articles from news papers, magazines and from books.  You can also read more articles using internet. We know that the majority of websites are created in English.

There are many benefits of reading more English. They are like vocabulary building, concentration, memory, thinking power, imagination and more.


Before speaking you should improve your listening skills. Prefer to listen more English from English news channels. According to the research reading and hearing more English improves your fluency.

Listen to English as much as possible from various resources. Listen from the other speakers. You cannot forget your vocabulary by listening words again and again. Follow to hear some audio tapes related to English.

It is important to maintain the balance between listening and speaking.  Do you watch YouTube videos in English, and then repeat those videos again and again. By watching same videos again and again you can able to concentrate words and pronunciations.

Listening English speeches from audio files, from smart phones and from even speakers connected to computer makes you smarter.


Speaking more makes you more confident. Talk more English wherever it is possible. You can only develop your fluency with constant practice. You learn more but now you should practice. Practicing or speaking aloud really helps you to make better.

Don’t you have a partner to speak? Don’t worry you are the partner yourself. You should talk to yourself aloud. You can talk to yourself in front of mirror or by spending alone time with comfortable place.

Spend some time to speak loudly. Speaking loudly is the best practice to improve your tone and fluency.

Always think in English

So many people are following translation method that is from native to English language.  But try to think in English while learning English. If you want to become smarter then you should think in English. Thinking in English helps you to take spontaneous ideas in some situations.

Try to think anything that you want to say only in English. It also helps you to take decisions sometimes. You can speak in English faster and easier only when you have more thinking skills. Learning and reading force you to think in English.

 Doing activities in front of Mirror

The activities, which are discussed, can be done in front of mirror. Mirror is the best resource to rehearse. Public speaking skills can be improved a lot by practicing in front of mirror.

There is another advantage like you can able to check your postures and gestures. If you don’t prefer to practice in front of mirror then you can use technology.

Use Technology with Proper Action

As technology improves you can use it to improve your fluency. One smart phone is enough to improve your fluency to the next level. You can do more activities like reading, listening and speaking using your smart phone.

You can read as many as English articles from the internet websites. There are so many resources to improve your grammar and vocabulary in the internet.

The audio and video files which are available from the internet, improves your listening skills. So you can do your listening activity also from the internet. Finally speaking activity, here speaking activity can be done using phone that is from audio or video calls.

There are various resources from the internet that improves your fluency. Use them proper and do activities likes reading, listening and speaking.

Recording your activities

Recording your activities before presenting is the great method to check corrections. Use your smart phone and record your speech to check your voice and stress levels fluency levels. Videos recorder makes you record your speech along with your presence.

Through video recording activity you can improve your soft skills. You can check your facial expressions, body language, eye contact and many more using videos recorder.

Finally we hope that this article is very useful for improving your fluency. Please comment below to know your opinion and make us best posts in future.

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