10 Best Project Manager Interview Questions and Answers

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Top 10 Project Manager Interview Questions and Answers

Please describe yourself

This is one of the most common interview questions in a job interview. While answering this question you need to tell about your background, education and work experience and other details. You can tell your work experience if any that you have.

It is better not to take more than two minutes for answering this question.

How will you define a project?

Learn about project definition by searching on the internet. Read and know the concept better. It is mandatory to know the complete meaning of a project before getting a project manager job.

Also, you need to know the roles and responsibilities of a project. In most cases, a project is defined as follows.

A project is a set of activities undertaken to create a product, service or results. It is also defined as “An individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim”.

What is the most challenging project you managed?

Another important project manager interview questions are the about challenging project that you managed. You should prepare your answer before attempting this interview questions. While answering this question the interviewer can able to understand your limits and experience.

You can experience some of the other questions followed by this interview question. These may include how many people involved in the project, have you managed any other projects along with that and etc.

So prepare the details of your most challenging project and your experience in that. This should be done before attending a job interview for the position of project manager.

How do you motivate project team?

As we know success needs motivation. Especially while doing the project it is compulsory to motivate your project team. You can only reach your project objectives only by motivating your team.

As a project manager, you should learn how to motivate your project team. It will improve your project quality as well. The interviewer can able to know you inner skills by asking this interview question.

It is the good opportunity for you to showcase your skills. Tell them how effective that you can motivate others to complete a task.

Have you ever failed in a project?

This is another critical project manager interview question. The interviewer can able to know how you handle the failures and your past failure history by asking this interview question. As we know success and failure are quite common in anyone’s life.

Answer this question by mentioning the troubles that you faced. The interviewer wants to know your risk management experience.

Think and review about the small or big event, meeting, activity or a moment in a project where you had a trouble. Answer how you handled that.

How you monitor projects?

You can check whether your projects are moving on track or not. Reaching objectives or goals need a regular monitor. Project monitor tells your controlling and familiarities with the project. The primary objective of any project is to complete the project within the time period.

Always monitor your project for better success rate. Improve your monitoring skills and tell them how effective that you can maintain and monitor your project.

Do you have budget management experience?

It is an added advantage that if you have any budget management skills. The interviewer or company wants to know whether you can manage the budget or not. We can say it is the critical aspect of any project.

Tell them how you managed the budget in your previous projects. Also, explain how you managed the expenses and your communication with vendors.

How do you communicate failure with team and manager, the customer?

Answering this needs your critical skills and thinking skills. You should know a better way to communicate your failures.

You can highlight your risk management and communication management by answering this question. While communicating face to face you need critical points for your project failure.

How would you convince the customer if the customer is not happy?

It is tough to deal with the customers if they are not happy. You should learn how to deal with the customers if they are not accepting your project at the end.

This needs your convincing and justification skills. Tell them how you can convince them in a better way. Demonstrate the agreement and scope of a project.

How do you handle underperforming project team members?

It is common to experience some of the team members are underperforming. You need to motivate to overcome this problem. Find out the people who are not performing well. Always motivate them for the best results.

The interviewer can able to know the motivational skills that you have. Develop your motivational skills to motivate the underperforming resources.


In this article, you learn about project manager interview questions and how to answer them. Just reviewing is not enough. You need to practice in a better way to increase your success rate at the time of a job interview.

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