The Best Debate Tips to Follow

Do you want to know the best debate tips? First let us know The Best Debate Tips to Follow. Debate is nothing but a formal discussion on a particular topic. We can watch a discussion about a topic on the TV or in the assembly or in the parliament before passing a bill. There we can notice how they argue in favour of or against the topic. This article shows you how to act in a debate and what happens in a debate. Not only in assembly or parliament, if there is any serious problem in your house then debate takes role. Generally it is a discussion between two groups or two parties. One group is supporting the issue means automatically another group is opposing the issue. We can also watch several political debates, debates in televisions etc.

Benefits of a debate

In student life by doing the exercise in debate helps to develop their skills like as follows, that will be so helpful for their human life. In simply life skills can be improved by doing the debate activities in the colleges. The skills are as follows

  • Critical thinking skills
  • Logical thinking skills
  • Communication skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Team spirit

As we discussed in debates mainly there are two groups, the group which supports or talk in the favour of topic is called supporting group or affirmative group. The group which opposes or talk against the topic is called opposing group or negative group. Generally if we observe in assembly or parliaments the speaker or chairperson will be there to monitor the debate.


Mainly there are three stages in a debate they are as follows

Initiation or introduction

The debate should start with the introduction of a topic. We can see in assembly or parliaments first the chairperson starts the topic then the two groups discuss about the topic.

Argument stage

It is the stage where actually the discussion takes place between the two groups. Generally the affirmative group which is in the favour of the topic starts the topic and tells their ideas on it. Then the other group opposes and tells their opinions. This process continues until the chairperson close the debate.


Finally the judge or chairperson decides the team performance. He will observe that which group performs well and given strong points on the topic. The two groups should come to the final understanding and solutions. The panel of judges votes to decide the winner of the debate and declare the winners.

The Best Debate Tips to Follow

Understand the Topic Properly

Identify the Two Possible Sides

Build Your Argument

Provide Examples

Within Time




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