How to Improve Active Listening Skills in the English Language

While learning communication and other soft skills, you must focus on listening skills. Active listening is one of the most important skills you should improve. The quality of your relationship depends on how well you listen to the other person. Let us improve your active listening skills in English by following methods.

Listening skill is important for obtaining the information, to understand, and to learn something.

According to the research, we can only remember 25 to 50 percent of what we hear. It is important to put your attention when you talk to your manager, business or other family persons.

The active listener can improve productivity in the workplace. Also, the active listener can maintain a good relationship with family members and other people.

While listening to other don’t just concentrate on their words but the whole message they are transferring.

How to Improve Active Listening Skills in the English Language

Here we come up easy and simple ways to improve your active listening skills in the English language. Always update your skills with the following skills for betterment in the future.

Pay your attention

Paying attention is one of the important tactics while listening to others. Here your non-verbal communication also matters.

Paying attention may include your eye contact, body language, avoiding distraction etc.

Don’t interrupt

It is not a good idea to interrupt while others are speaking. Interrupting others can send bad signals and makes a bad impression.

Even though you are a smart thinker, just listen to others and don’t interrupt them.  Along with this, don’t allow other things that distract your conversation.

Show that you are listening

Speaker can be encouraged by showing that you are listening to the speaker. It is also one of the skills that you should adopt for improving active listening skills. It is important to show that you are listening to the speaker.

You can show your interest by active gestures, smile and other facial expressions, nodding occasionally, and other things.

Wait for the speaker to pause

While others are speaking you may get many doubts. Here the good thing is don’t distract or interrupt them.

Wait for the speaker to pause the speaking. Now you can ask the speaker to explain it to you. you can ask like I didn’t understand, just now you said…. etc

Give the feedback

As an active listener, you should listen the whole content and understand the message. At the final, you can put all filters, judgments, beliefs and other things as a feedback.

Here the best way to give feedback is paragraphing the content, giving comments and summarizing the content.

At this point of feedback, you can ask questions to clarify certain points.


In this post, we come up with a few tips to improve your active listening skills while others are speaking.

As we knew that before personal face to face interview, the interviewee needs the good and active listening skills.

So be prepared for this and make the good impression at the interview. We always looking for the best tips and tricks for easy job interview process and business communications.

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