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About Prakash Kumar

Prakash Kumar

I am Prakash Kumar, founder of adsmartlife.com and managing many other blogs. I am a Professional blogger from Andhra Pradesh, India. Also I am a passionate digital marketer and I have been in the digital marketing industry since 2013.

Recently I have launched Digital Marketing Courses to help people learn digital marketing techniques. You can get latest stuff on digital marketing by subscribing to my blog Adsmartlife.com

I got info about blogging online and started a blog called adsmartlife. Initially I am bit confused about what to write on this blog. I selected this name adsmartlife to give smart tips that will help people to achieve their goals.

The main idea of this blog is to share knowledge. My current blog adsmartlife.com, where I wish to share tips and tricks of life skills, study, inspiration etc.

Present I am writing blog posts regularly and working on some other blogs. I always like to conduct seminars and workshops to encourage young entrepreneurs.

My Certifications

About Adsmartlife

Welcome to AdSmartLife for professional tips and tricks. Here I am happy to share tips and tricks for smart and professional life. The main aim of this website is to motivate and show the better way of achieving their goal.

As technology improves everyone should adopt the smart ways to solve problems. As we know learning is endless for anyone on this earth.

If we adopt smart way of learning then our status in life also improves in a better way. So here we are happy to help students, employees, business persons and others to improve their status in a better way.

After doing so much of research I realized that guidelines help us to choose the better options in life. Also we respect your opinions and suggestions, so feel free to mail us.


  • My Future plans are building many more other blogs with the help of my team
  • Conducting seminars and workshops on digital marketing
  • Encouraging people in India to develop their digital marketing skills and become entrepreneurs
  • Starting my Start-Up company and making it success is another crucial part in my life.

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Name:  K Prakash Kumar

Mail Id: admin@adsmartlife.com  (OR) kumar.prakash18@gmail.com

Phone Number: +91-6301061156