7 Best Freelance websites to find Freelance Jobs online

Freelancing is a great way to earn some extra money apart from your regular job. Some people do freelancing for earning extra money and some people work for the full time to enjoy the freedom of self-employment. before getting started you need to know the list of freelance websites to find freelance jobs online.

If you know the benefits of freelancing work then you can start it immediately. The major benefits of freelancing work is as follows

When it comes to benefits of freelancing work are like they can choose flexible hours to work, freedom of selecting clients, work environment, becoming own boss and so on.

Here if you want to get more projects then you need a great reputation and portfolio. There are many platforms to start your career as a freelancer. Let us discuss some the best websites that offer freelancing work online.

Best Freelance websites to find freelancing jobs online

The Following websites are the top and most popular online platforms, which offer freelance services. you can find freelance jobs online by following the websites below.


Fiverr is a great market place to find all kinds of freelancing jobs. In this website, you can find freelancing jobs of Graphics & design, digital marketing, writing and translation, video and animation, music and video, programming and tech, business and lifestyle etc.


Another most popular best freelance website is Upwork. After merging Odesk and Elance, Upwork came into the existence. It offers many freelance services, which include web development, mobile development, designers, writers, sales and marketing and virtual assistants etc.


Over 1.5 million members guru.com became another popular freelance website on the internet. Guru.com is a great platform to find hourly paid jobs and fixed price.

It is also offering many categories like web and software, writing, design, sales and marketing, engineering and legal etc.


For finding freelancing work or freelance jobs we have another great platform named itself as freelancer.com

Here you can find freelancing jobs or you can hire freelancers for your jobs. It offers freelance series like IT related, mobile and designing works etc.

Freelancer.com is containing millions of users and huge client list.  Here millions of small business use this freelancer.com to showcase their ideas and make them into reality. You can see Freelancer review before starting your work with Freelancer.


It is an exclusive network for top freelancers. It is looking for top freelancers in software development, designing, and finance department in the world.

They have huge client lists like Hewlett Packard Enterprise, airbnb, J.P Morgan, Emirates, Zendesk, and Pfizer etc.

It is highlighted that hire top 3% of the freelance talent on the home page of Toptal.  There are many reviews we can find on this web portal and also press released articles.

It has placed its brand in the press like Bloomberg business, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal and Fox Business etc.


Another great source of freelance jobs is Craigslist. Many people knew that it is a platform of offering buying and selling of some services but it offers great online jobs to work as a freelancer.

There are many categories that you can select and prefer working part time apart from your regular work or you can work full time.

People Per Hour

Do you want to work on web projects online or you can start your freelancing work online by doing web projects on the platform called people per hour.

People per hour is a great platform for web developers and designers and SEO Specialists.


The list of freelance websites can be great stuff for people looking for online jobs or freelance jobs. Here you can find top freelance websites to find freelance jobs.

This article covers major freelance websites, in summary, they are as follows

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Guru
  • Freelancer
  • Toptal
  • Craigslist
  • People per hour

Are you starting your career as a freelancer? Let us know how many of you succeed in these online portals and your views and experiences in the comment below. Keep sharing the great stuff online and help others.

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